TIBCO iProcess Objects Director Configuration

#director #iProcess #Tibco

The TIBCO iProcess Objects Director is a standalone program that maintains a list of TIBCO iProcess Objects Servers that are configured in a node cluster. When a client needs access to a TIBCO iProcess Objects Server, it first establishes a connection to the TIBCO iProcess Objects Director. The TIBCO iProcess Objects Director then decides, based on a “pick method,” which TIBCO iProcess Objects Server the client should connect to.

1.设置DIRECTOR属性 /opt/swnod1/util/swadm SET_ATTRIBUTE 1 DIRECTOR 0 BASE_TCP_SERVICE_NAME 28021 /opt/swnod1/util/swadm SET_ATTRIBUTE 1 DIRECTOR 0 TCP_SERVICE_NAME 1145 #bpmipe 为 iprocess server 域名 /opt/swnod1/util/swadm SET_ATTRIBUTE 1 DIRECTOR 0 IDENTIFY_SPO_MACHINE_BY bpmipe

2.修改配置 /opt/bpm/swnod1/seo/data/swentobjsv.cfg TCPServiceName = 28021

3.重启IPE su - pro cd /opt/swnod1/bin ./swstop -p netstat -anot |grep 5578 ./swstart -p

注意:若$SWDIR/logs/spodirector01.log文件如果有以下错误,需执行4步骤 17098|EFB7FB90|03/02/2015 10:48:53.893|00000002|ERROR|check_for_spo_server(), failed to find SPO_SERVER

4.重启DIRECTOR进程 $SWDIR\util\swsvrmgr SHUTDOWN MachineID DIRECTOR ProcessInst $SWDIR\util\swsvrmgr START MachineID DIRECTOR ProcessInst