#C #java #jni

How to run this example:

  1. exec command “javac jni/CJava.java” to complie the java code.
  2. add the two direcotories JAVA_HOME/include and JAVA_HOME/include/win32(under windows) as include files.
  3. add JAVA_HOME/lib as library files.
  4. add JAVA_HOME/lib/jvm.lib into project.
  5. complie and exec this program.


  1. You must have installed JDK 1.6 and configured the environment variables JAVA_HOME and PATH for java.
  2. exec command “javap -s -p jni.CJava” to view the signatures of methods.


package jni;
public class CJava {
	public static String getstring(String str) {
		return str + " ---> added";
	public static int add(int a, int b) {
		return a + b;
	public int sub(int a, int b) {
		return a - b;
	public static void main(String[] args) {
		System.out.println("Hello world!");



int main()
	JavaVMOption options[1];
	JNIEnv *env;
	JavaVM *jvm;
	JavaVMInitArgs vm_args;
	long status;
	jclass cls;
	jmethodID mid;

	char* class_name="jni/CJava";

	options[0].optionString = "-Djava.class.path=.";
	vm_args.version = JNI_VERSION_1_6;
	vm_args.nOptions = 1;
	vm_args.options = options;
	vm_args.ignoreUnrecognized = JNI_TRUE;

	/* Create the Java VM */
	status = JNI_CreateJavaVM(&jvm, (void**)&env, &vm_args);
	if (status < 0 || status == JNI_ERR) {
		printf("Status of creating Java VM:%d\n",status);
		fprintf(stderr, "Failed to create Java VM!\n");
		return 1;

	/*Find the class obj*/
	cls = (*env)->FindClass(env, class_name);
	if(cls !=0)
		/* ---------------------------------------------------------- */
		/*Test to invoke a static method*/

		char* static_method_name="add";
		char* static_method_sign="(II)I";

		/*Get method ID*/
		mid = (*env)->GetStaticMethodID(env, cls, static_method_name, static_method_sign);
		if(mid !=0)
			/*invoke static int method*/
			jint result = (*env)->CallStaticIntMethod(env, cls, mid, 5,1);
			printf("Call static method %s: %d\n",static_method_name,result);
			printf("Failed to find method %s!\n",static_method_name);
		/* ---------------------------------------------------------- */
		/*Test to invoke a instance method*/
		char* instance_method_name="sub";
		char* instance_method_sign="(II)I";

		jmethodID constructor_mid = (*env)->GetMethodID(env,cls,"","()V"); //The construcotr method name is 
		jobject    jobj = (*env)->NewObject(env,cls,constructor_mid);

		/*Get method ID*/
		mid = (*env)->GetMethodID(env,cls,instance_method_name,instance_method_sign);
		if(mid !=0)
			/*invoke int method*/
			jint result = (*env)->CallIntMethod(env, jobj, mid, 9,4);
			printf("Call instance method %s: %d\n",instance_method_name,result);
			printf("Failed to find method %s!\n",instance_method_name);
		printf("Failed to find Class %s!\n",class_name);

	/*destory JVM*/
	return 0;

20140925 Test on Redhat Linux 64bit:

> export JAVA_HOME=/usr/java/jdk1.7.0_45
> export PATH=$JAVA_HOME/bin:$PATH
> export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$JAVA_HOME/jre/lib/amd64/server/:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH
> javac jni/CJava.java
> gcc -o cjava -I$JAVA_HOME/include -I$JAVA_HOME/include/linux -L$JAVA_HOME/bin -L$JAVA_HOME/jre/lib/amd64/server  cjava.c -ljvm
> ./cjava 
Call static method add: 6
Call instance method sub: 5